AARP Medicare Supplement Plans 2019

In 2019, AARP will be offering their Medicare Supplement plans once again. Should you choose them or someone else? We will tell you a bit about the AARP Medicare Supplement plans for 2019 so that you can make that decision for yourself. You should be able to pick the plan that suits you best, and in order to do that, you need to know what your options are and how they differ from one another.

What AARP Is Offering

aarp medicare supplement plans 2019It’s important that you know that AARP is not selling you any Supplement plans that are unavailable through other insurance providers. In other words, you can get the same plans that AARP is selling elsewhere, if you want. You may even be able to get those same plans for a cheaper price if you go to another insurance company for them.

So why would your want to shop at AARP over any other insurance provider? The answer is threefold. You might want to choose AARP over other insurance companies because of its reputation, its customer service record or its member benefits. For many seniors, any one of those reasons could be enough to convince them that AARP is the better choice for them. While price and selection may be a factor for you, you also have to consider the kind of experience you will have with certain insurance companies and how one will be a better option for you than another.

AARP offers only a handful of Medicare Supplement plans. Like other insurance providers, it doesn’t offer the full 10. What that means for you is that if you looked at the Supplement plans that are available already and you picked out one that you like, you may not be able to find it offered through AARP. You may have to go to another provider to find that type or settle for whatever AARP is offering.

We have to warn you against settling, though, as the difference in coverage from one plan to the next may seem minor but can really add up all throughout the year. You want to choose the plan that is best suited to you, and if AARP isn’t offering that plan, then you should consider going elsewhere for your coverage. In time, you may need to change your plan, and AARP could be offering what you need when that happens. Just because AARP doesn’t have what you are looking for now, that doesn’t mean they will continue to offer the same choices later. Be sure to check back with them, if you are interested in signing with them, whenever you choose to change up your coverage a bit.

The Supplement Plans

We talked about there being 10 plans already, so now let’s get into what they are offering and what they consist of. There are high coverage and low coverage plans. Some of them cover all or most of the supplemental expenses, while others only cover a few of those expenses. Some of them cover their expenses in their entirety, while others cover only 50% or 75% of some given expenses. You might wonder why anyone would sign up for a plan that only covers a medical expense partially, and the answer is that you can benefit from the lower cost of the plan and make your healthcare more affordable by choosing a lower coverage plan.


medicare supplement plans 2019


What AARP offers can change from time to time, so we will show you what the Supplement plans cover and what ones most people go for. That way, you have a good idea of how the plans can cover your needs and if some of the more common supplemental plans are a good choice for you.

AARP Medicare Supplement plans for 2019 will all draw their coverage from the same basic list of coverage. These are supplemental insurance items, and while they won’t all be offered by every plan, every plan will take their coverage from this list.

Coinsurance- You can be covered for coinsurance payments on skilled nursing care, hospice care, Medicare Part B and Medicare Part A. These are expenses that are paid for each visit to the doctor or the hospital or other healthcare providers.

Deductibles- You can be covered as well for deductibles for Medicare Part A and Part B. These are annual expenses associated with these parts of Medicare. You may not have to pay Part A’s deductible, if you worked long enough before applying for Medicare.

Blood Usage- You get covered for up to three extra pints so blood each year. This is in addition to what is already covered by the original Medicare plan, which is required before you sign up for a Supplement plan.

Excess Charges- If your healthcare provider doesn’t accept all of Medicare (while rare, it does happen), then you may have to pay excess charges on Medicare Part B services. These costs can be covered by your Supplement plan.

Emergency Medical Transport- This only applies to foreign transport for medical services in an emergency situation. There are some restrictions for this coverage, and it only covers you up to $50,000. You’ll also need to pay a deductible, so don’t expect all your expenses for this service to be covered with a Supplement plan, even with one that covers all the Supplement items.

That’s the full list of coverage, and this doesn’t change from one provider to the next. AARP doesn’t get to set up the coverage and decide what the various plans cover. They can choose which of the plans they want to sell, for the most part, but these plans are already designed by Medicare. It’s Medicare that decides what the plans will cover and when that coverage will change, so you don’t have to be concerned about the benefits of an individual plan changing on you without warning. Medicare will always let its subscribers know when changes are incoming, even if those people have Supplement plans through other companies such as AARP.

The Most Suitable AARP Plan

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans 2019We can’t tell you which plan will be best for you, because we don’t know what your needs are. You shouldn’t listen to anyone who says that the best Supplement plan is such and such a plan. They don’t know your particular needs either, and there is not a plan that suits everyone equally.

You are going to have to look at what medical expense you have to pay each year for yourself. Look at what Medicare’s Original plan is not covering and then make sure that it is being covered by an insurance plan, if it is a common expense for you or one that is hard for you to pay on your own. You should be looking for a plan that meets your needs fairly well and that perhaps provides a little extra coverage, just in case.

You should keep in mind that the AARP Supplement plans that work pretty well for you right now may not be good choices for you in the future. Your needs are likely to change in the future. Over time, your health will change, and your financial needs will be different. You will need a plan that keeps up with you.

It is important that you choose the right coverage plan. You should be able to afford your medical care rather than avoid getting the help you need because you think it will be too expensive for you. Please consider the AARP Medicare Supplement plans for 2019 as well as other Supplement plans that may be viable options or you. Choose the one that you think will fit you best, and if you find it isn’t working out well for you, then change to a different plan. Whatever it takes, ensure that you are covered like you need to be for healthcare.


medicare supplement plans 2019